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Markets & Marketing (1)

Research your chosen export country in detail and compile a basic “Country Profile”.


  • Create a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) of the country that you have chosen.

  • Does the time zone difference between your export country and the UK have any impact?

  • What is the culture like in your chosen country? 

  • Are there any differences across the country or are they all the same?

  • What is the economy like in the country?  (ie wealthy, very poor etc)

  • Does your export country ever have any natural disasters or problems with the climate at any point during the year (eg droughts in summer)?

The country profile enables you to have a good overall view of your chosen market and will be good evidence of research conducted to submit.


Don't forget to submit your workbook for weeks 1 - 4 plus any documents / evidence to us this week.

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