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Logistics & Transport (2)

There are many guidelines that countries have for accepting products or services into their country.


  • Research documents that are required to be able to export your product / service.  Which documentation will you need to provide?  Give an example(s)

  • Are there any restrictions on sending products / services to your export country?

  • What are they?

You may find some useful information here:

  • If providing a service, consider other things such as a work permit, as you or a member of your staff may have to travel to your selected country, and potentially stay / live there for a period of time.  Provide evidence of any research and findings if you have opted for a service.

Keep any paperwork as evidence that you find as part of your research (e.g. airway bills).


Don't forget to submit your workbook plus any documents / evidence to us this week.

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