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Cost & Margin

Consider the overall profitability of your exporting activities.  Have you picked the most cost effective ways?


  • Transport & Logistics – have you chosen the most cost effective option?  If not, why not?

  • Packaging – are you sending individually or as bulk orders?

  • Marketing – have you chosen the most effective option?  Explain why you think that.

Customer service is very important and customers being able to contact you if they have a question or a problem.  Without customers, your business won’t make money!

  • What do you think makes good customer service?  Give a list in order of importance to you.


Once the customer has purchased your product / service, they may still need help (called after sales support.


  • How will you provide after sales support to your customers? 

         (Via a help desk, online support, manned telephone assistance etc).

  • How will you ensure that customer come back and buy from you again?

         (How do you make customers happy? Do you offer new products, discounts and offers)?

Review sites (eg Feefo or Trip Advisor) can have a ‘make or break’ effect on your product - will this affect you?
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