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ICC Solutions is a company based in Cheshire, owned and founded by Dave Maisey.  It has won four Queen's Awards for Enterprise, winning the first two in 2012, a third in 2016 and the latest in 2017.  These awards have inspired the company to develop and grow to expand into countries around the globe. 

In 2016, following the winning of the awards, Dave's team worked closely with the DofE North to develop the idea of encouraging more young people to learn about exporting, and the Exporting Excellence idea was born.  The pilot of the programme consisted of six finalist schools from the north of England who undertook a framework for export education over a three-month period, culminating in a final held in Warrington, Cheshire.

During the 12 weeks, the team at ICC Solutions shared skills and knowledge in international trade, acting as mentors and export champions with the DofE and the various schools.

Following the success of the pilot and competition, the DofE announced that exporting would be offered as an option in the skills section of a DofE programme.  As a result, each year 300,000 young people are afforded the opportunity to receive education, training and mentoring in international trade.

Feedback from the Exporting Excellence Pilot

“Exporting Excellence gave our students who had opted for GCSE business studies a fantastic opportunity to bring their studies to life. Our students in particular grew so much in confidence, one of their parents in particular was flabbergasted that her son delivered a presentation in front of so many people.


Post this competition our 4 students confidence they developed  has continued to shine back at school. Students have engaged and took advantage of leadership opportunities at school which they may not have done so if they did not take part in the Exporting Excellence competition. Students have travelled to America with school on ski trip, also some of the team have applied and have been selected to attend HOBY and be a part of the Year 11 Student leadership team next year.  


Without a doubt I believe that this experience has given our students key life and work skills for the future.”

Great Sankey High School

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