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  • When can I start the course?
    By being an online course, you can start anytime you would like. As soon as you have signed up, we will send you access to the student portal where you will find the workbook and other useful information.
  • What does the course cost?
    The cost is £36 per student for each course. This includes online support for the duration of the course, tips and research ideas with a final accredited assessors report upon completion.
  • Can I do the course on my own?
    Students can complete the course individually or as a class group.
  • I want to do the course - how do I get started?
    You will need to complete the registration form (found on the website), which, once submitted, will direct you to PayPal to make payment. Once the payment has gone through sucessfully you will receive confirmation. We will then contact you via email, sending a link to the members page which contains the workbook and a week-by-week guide.
  • Do I use the workbook to complete the tasks?
    We prefer you to use the workbook when submitting so that we know which questions you're answering. If you want to print it out and write on it, then send photos of your work via email that's fine or you can type into the document and email it to us.
  • How do I know when I should send evidence of my work to you?
    We will send you an email to remind you when it's time to submit. This will be every 4 weeks from the time you start the course. If you need to change those dates for any reason, or delay the start of the course, just let us know!
  • How do I submit evidence?
    Please email all evidence to as attachments to the email.
  • What format do you want evidence to be submitted?
    You can submit evidence in whichever format you find easiest. Suggested types: Photos Video PDF Documents
  • Can I contact you if I need to ask something?
    Of course! We love to hear from students working on the course. You can contact us either via the chat facility on the website, or via email ( We will come back to you as quickly as we can.
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