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We are delighted that you're interested in the Awesome Exporting Skill for your DofE Bronze or Silver Award. 


We are here (along with Hew) to guide you through the next 3 months, giving you a better insight into the fascinating world of exporting.


Each week there will be an area of export that we ask you to research and then write about.  Write as much detail as you can, and, if you have any, back up your writing with facts, figures, statistics, evidence of visits or correspondence that you’ve had with other people. 


To help you with your answers we have colour coded each week.  Any question in this colour means we would like to see you write about it.


At each month point we ask you to submit your work so that we can review it.  This makes sure that you’re going along the right lines.


There is no right or wrong answer to the course, and we can’t wait to see your work!

Sample workbook pages:

Sample workbook 1.png
Sample workbook 2.png

"I have thoroughly enjoyed completing the tasks every week and found it very interesting. I thought it was a good insight into the exporting world, and what companies have to consider when exporting products."

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