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Markets & Marketing (2)

Research how to market your chosen product / service.

There are many ways to market your product.  Using the list below, summarise how appropriate each form of marketing would be for your product. 


Is price a consideration?

Is there something else that would be more effective for your chosen market?

  • Online advertising (via the internet).

  • Television adverts.

  • Ads in theatres.

  • Product placement (in a popular TV show or film).

  • Radio.

  • Magazine / Brochure / Newspaper advertising.

  • Billboard adverts.

  • Sponsorship (sport etc).

Think about your product or service… which form of advertising would reach more of your target audience? 
Does every home have access to the internet or TV? 
Do you need to think about which is most cost effective – are there figures available?
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