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Welcome to the members' page for the Awesome Exporting Bronze and Silver DofE Skill.  We hope you will enjoy the next 12 weeks.


The course has been split into 12 x 1 hour sessions, which can be worked on each week. 


Each week has the topic title, information about the subject, questions that we want you to answer and at the bottom there are useful hints and tips for things that you may want to consider including. 


We ask that you submit evidence via email in weeks 4, 8 and 12.

When you are ready to start, select Week 1 and work through each week.  

There is a workbook available below that you can use to write your answers.

Workbook image.png

If you need any advice or support, we can be contacted through the various channels available.  No question is silly, so don't be afraid to ask!


Good luck and we look forward to receiving your final submission!


The ICC Solutions DofE Team 


Email your documents to us at

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